6 Useful Add-ons for Firefox

6 Useful Add-ons for Firefox

One of the benefits of using Firefox is that it has a multitude of add-ons that you can use. These add-ons will help you be more productive and save you time and effort. Here are six of the most useful Firefox add-ons. 


If you don’t want to have to bother with constantly typing in different passwords, trying to remember which passwords you used for which sites, you can use a password manager. LastPass is a Firefox extension that requires only one master password. It will automatically populate and fill in your passwords for you, saving you time and mental energy.


Are pop-up ads constantly interfering with your research? Use Adblock Plus to get rid of all of those annoying ads. It will also block all tracking codes that are tracking your history and will prevent malware from harming your device. You can customize it to choose which kinds of ads to allow.

HTTPS Everywhere

If a website has an option for using a secure connection, you want it to automatically use that connection. However, not all websites will do that. HTTPS Everywhere will force websites to use an HTTPS connection whenever possible, thus encrypting your data and giving you more privacy.


Marker is a great extension that allows you to screenshot parts of web pages. Not only that, but you can then mark and draw on those screenshots in order to highlight certain blocks of text.


Evernote is a great extension that allows you to make notes and memos from your browser. These notes are accessible on any device, allowing you to keep track of your responsibilities


Grammarly is a free extension that will highlight spelling errors on any website, including when you write emails. It will also highlight basic grammar mistakes. There is a premium version as well.

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