6 Ways to Keep Your Computer Cool

6 Ways to Keep Your Computer Cool

It’s important to keep your computer or laptop cool. A computer that is overheating will slow down, freeze, or crash at random. Here are six ways to keep your computer cool.

Be Careful Where You Place It

Give your computer room to breathe. Don’t place your laptop on a cushion or pillow. Place it on a hard surface. Make sure there is room around your computer as well. Don’t block the vents on your laptop or computer case with papers, documents, or other office equipment.

Clean It Often

You will be surprised by how much dust can accumulate in your computer. Use compressed air in a can to clean out your computer, or gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Clean the area around your computer so that there are no dust particles flying around. Keep your pets out of the office so that their hair doesn’t get stuck in the fan.

Install a New CPU Fan

If you need a high-powered computer for your work, consider installing a new CPU fan that is more powerful and stronger than the one that comes with your computer.

Keep the Case Closed

When using your computer, keep the case closed. Keeping it open can allow more air ventilation in the short run, but in the long run, it allows for dust and other debris to enter the fan area.

Use a Fan

You can also use an exterior fan to keep your computer and the area around it cool. For desktop computers, you can use case fans, which attach to your case and keep it cool. Using the air conditioning in your office is a good idea as well.

Use a Stand

You can use a stand to allow for more air ventilation. You can even create a DIY stand by placing your laptop on top of bottle caps if you need a stand ASAP.

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