Discover Microsoft’s Best Kept Secret – OneNote

Discover Microsoft's Best Kept Secret - OneNote

Of course, Microsoft’s OneNote software app isn’t really a secret, but it may be one of their most underrated apps that actually offers some amazing and useful features. Just as a single employee or an entire team makes use of a multitude of disparate documents and files during the creation phase of a project, so does Microsoft’s OneNote app.

The app allows an individual or even a team, to create a single repository for disparate files and documents associated with any given project — all housed in one single Note document called a “Notebook”. For project members, this means a significant reduction in the number of files and documents that must be tracked and accounted for as a project is completed.

Traditional Projects

A traditional work project may require an Excel spreadsheet for calculation tracking, along with some photos or videos for project status presentations, along with forecast documents, etc. Not to mention the “quick-and-dirty” note-taking that often occurs during project phases, and in some cases, verbal or written notations that team members want to share with each other.

All in all, one specific project may have a significant number of files and documentation associated with it, and losing track of any of the disparate pieces of data has the potential to be catastrophic for important projects.

OneNote to the Rescue 

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft decided to develop an app that allows for and keeps track of all types of disparate information. Considering the countless projects their own team members have been a part of, their developers know firsthand how convenient it is to have one central repository for project information.

Microsoft’s note-taking app allows for integration of a multitude of information sources including video, audio, traditionally-typed documents, texts, hand-written drawings and notes, and a host of other multimedia resources to be housed in one convenient Notebook.

For any companies still using the traditional ways of project data management, it’s time to check out the amazing benefits of OneNote! 

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