Are You Aware Of These Computer Tricks?

Computers are a primary requirement for offices and most households today, thanks to broad internet connectivity in various regions. Most users will sit behind a computer to focus on demanding tasks requiring concentration, but that is not all. You can have fun on your PC when you want to relax or ease the pressure of working for long hours.

Here are some computer tricks for Windows users, which you may have no idea about and are worth trying.

Disable USB Ports

Individuals with ulterior motives can use such portable devices as flash drives to extract information from your PC either in the office or at home. Disabling the USB ports using a simple registry trick can protect you from becoming a victim, and that will secure your documents too. You can consult the IT department for help if you wish to protect your office computer.

If disabling the USB ports for your home-based PC is necessary, you can engage an expert who can offer the service. Doing so will prevent loss of valuable folders. Also, you need to understand that once you disable USB ports, you will render any peripheral devices using these ports redundant.

Enjoy Notepad

Some users view Notepad as a basic text editor on their computers, yet they can achieve much more. That is only possible when you explore its capabilities. It may surprise you to discover that you can use Notepad to create harmless viruses and custom logs among other things. Therefore, by gaining insight into the usefulness of Notepad, you can leverage its potential.

Permanently Deleted Files Recovery

Sometimes, you can delete a file on your Windows PC unintentional, and in that case, recovery is critical. On the other hand, you may get rid of unnecessary files only to discover that you need them later. Fortunately, you can recover permanently deleted files using free tools, which are available online.

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