Big Data as a Service: The Competitive Advantage with Doopex

To have a competitive advantage is to be able to outperform rivalry companies by making use of available attributes that the competition does not have access to.

Big data, or large amounts of data either structured or unstructured, can be mined and analyzed statistically to find correlations, trends and connections that give a company the insight needed to gain the competitive advantage. This statistical analysis can be performed by an outside provider as a type of managed services agreement.
Big Data as a Service or BDaaS provided by Doopex is optimized for high performance using Hadoop, a framework built specifically for the processing and storage of very large data sets. Massive amounts of unstructured data is created daily and can be increasingly difficult to sort through.
Rather than purchasing expensive power hungry processing units, Doopex provides Hadoop as a service: scalable data processing with a user-friendly interface, secured environment, and the most competitive pricing in the BDaaS market.

With state-of-the-art datacenters the Doopex infrastructure is built with maximum efficiency in mind. See the full list of Doopex features and start gaining the competitive advantage today.

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