The Definition of SaaS – Software as a Service

The Definition of SaaS - Software as a Service
The definition of SaaS or Software as a Service is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider. These applications are typically available on the Internet.
SaaS is also known as Cloud Computing services. A provider licenses an application to you as a service on demand or at no charge if there is an opportunity to generate revenue from advertisements.

Some of the exciting features are:

  • Application Programming Interfaces that allow for integration
  • Software that is delivered in a fat link
  • Internet access to commercial software
  • Software that is managed from a central site

SaaS is a rapidly growing technology delivery technique. You can manage activities in a one-to-many model including pricing, management characteristics, architecture and partnering. It can help lower expenses associated with acquiring software and you can shift some of your Information Technology budget from capital expenses to operational expenses.

Another good reason to consider using SaaS is you can easily refocus your IT staff from maintenance and deployment to top-priority projects. Instead of having an application running on your servers and information stored in your data center, it runs in a vendor’s data center. You rent the software over time, usually monthly or yearly.

A Managed Services Provider offers IT support plans that are customized to almost every industry and every business size. They have a responsive and courteous first-call resolution help desk, knowledgeable staff and the tools and coverage that your company needs to grow.

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