Organization Makes for Productivity

Organization Makes for Productivity

There is nothing worse than getting an email from your boss, asking for a file and not being able to find it where you thought you saved it! 

Keeping the work-space organized does not just mean the desk, it also means your computer file system! Staying organized and keeping everything in its place saves time, stress, and saves you from having your boss impatiently waiting for you. 

Whether you use the documents library, the desktop, or some flash drive to keep important files, they should all be saved into folders that are accurately named. That doesn’t mean having a folder called “Work stuff.”

That doesn’t help when looking for the budget chart for Steve’s latest project. Nor do you need to have a separate folder for every part of the project, which leads to having 16 layers of folders within folders. However, detail-named folders keep you from scrolling through a long list of files that all pertain to different things. 

Just like says, keeping folders organized is just like walking into the grocery store. Each fruit and veggie is in their own little bin that is separate from the others. The Granny Smith apples are not mixed with the Gala apples.

Taking the time to name your folders (and files) will help the future you find things faster. A perfect article to read about good naming conventions is one by As said, “Pretend future you will be drunk or senile (or both) when looking at these filenames and make the name easy to understand.”

This helps future, rushed you from overthinking and sending the wrong file to your boss, like one that is named “Project budget – Final.” Which leads to our next point, never name anything “final” because it always changes. There is nothing worse, and something I have learned through experience, than finally finding the folder or file you have been looking for and then seeing “Final,” “Final 2,” “Final 3,” and so on!

Keeping your computer space organized is easy and can happen with just a little extra effort when creating and naming folders! This will help bring your productivity up!

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