Check Out These 10 Scary Cybersecurity Statistics

Check Out These 10 Scary Cybersecurity Statistics

In today’s world with everything being put on the World Wide Web, there is seen a rapid increase in cybersecurity threats. Often small businesses do not invest enough money and energy into foolproofing their data. As a result, such businesses can become susceptible to threats and attacks from the cyberspace.

If you are a small business owner then the following statistics might interest you. 

10 Scary Cybersecurity Statistics

  1. Email is the most common way in which a cyber attack can occur. About 95% of successful cyberattacks are the result of phishing scams. And even though 78 percent of employees are aware of the risks of clicking on a suspicious email link, they still do it.
  2. According to this source, of the 269 billion emails sent and received in 2017, 39% was spam.
  3. And as per the same report mentioned in the point above, cyber attackers target small businesses 43% of the time over others.
  4. According to this report, about 46% of websites have high levels of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. A high vulnerability means that attackers can fully compromise the confidentiality of the website data. And a whopping 87% of websites show medium level security vulnerabilities.
  5. And even then, only 32% of businesses are successful in discovering their cybersecurity breaches.
  6. In 2019, a business becomes a victim of a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. By 2021 this time is predicted to become 11 seconds.
  7. Research published in 2019 shows that of all the accounts hacked globally, 23.2 million of them used a simple 123456 as their password. 
  8. As of today, only 36% of business have cybersecurity policies in place. Businesses spend an average of only 2% of their IT budget on security.
  9. From 2017 to 2019, the average cost to business from a cyberattack has increased to 71%. In fact, by 2021 cybercrime will reach a global cost of over $6 trillion per year.
  10. A study by Juniper Research predicts that by 2023, 33 billion records will be stolen.

But do not let such facts scare you. Most of the threats from cybersecurity can be handled by imparting proper training to the employees. Hence as a business owner, you should seriously consider investing in cyberlearning programs so that you can be ready in the offhand chance of a data breach. 

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