Choosing The Right Backup Systems For Computers: Five Considerations

Choosing The Right Backup Systems For Computers: Five Considerations

Strong backup systems for your computing devices are critical. Without backups, your business is much more likely to suffer costly permanent data loss and extended downtime; as a result, you’ll lose customers and struggle to recover after an IT disaster. Whether it’s equipment failure during a storm or a ransomware attack that denies you access to your files, your data is constantly vulnerable and requires regular, secure backups.

Backup Systems

How can you go about choosing the right backup system? Consider the following issues.

1) Volume

How much data do you need to back up? Even if you don’t seem to have a lot of data now, your business’s needs will likely change in the future as you continue generating data. Whatever backup solution you choose must be scalable.

2) Frequency

Some kinds of data, such as critical financial files and key project documents, will require frequent (or even continuous) backups, whereas with other data you may need to perform backups more rarely.

3) Retrievability and restoration times

If you’ve created a duplicate of your hard drive, how long will it take to restore it after an IT disaster? What about data you’ve backed up on the cloud, on various kinds of external drives, or on magnetic tape? The time it takes to retrieve and restore data will influence your decisions about which backup solutions to choose for different kinds of data.

4) Security

Your backup systems are a target for cyber criminals who seek copies of your sensitive data. How are you protecting these copies?

5) Oversight

You need to ensure that your backup systems are comprehensive and functioning properly. Due to errors and lack of forethought, your backups may turn out to be incomplete, leaving you vulnerable to permanent loss.

To receive advice about specific data backup systems, please contact us. The data backup system that works best for your computing devices will depend on your particular needs. We can help you ensure that your data backups are comprehensive, secure, and retrievable.

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