Computer Security Tip: Password Strength

Computer Security Tip: Password Strength

With how vital it is to maintain a strong password for any account that you don’t want to have hacked, you would think that more people would show interest in ensuring that their passwords are both strong and as unpredictable as they can be. This is not even remotely the case, as a simple google search for “most common passwords” will tell you.

The very first item to come up is a list of the most common passwords used by anyone. This list includes everything from 123456 and password to google and not a single item on this list is unpredictable or hard to guess.

Anyone who actually uses one of the items on this list may as well hold up a sign saying “My passwords for every service I use are terrible and extremely predictable. Please hack my services and use them in my name. I have no care to ensure my passwords are safe or secure in any way, shape or form.” because that is effectively what they are doing.

Anyone who cares to make sure that their data is not exposed to hackers should avoid such simple passwords like the plague. In addition to that, it is important that passwords not be reused. The more times that a single password is in use, the more likely it is that password will be cracked and multi-service passwords are the worst kind since if a single password gets broken, it can lead to several accounts being breached.

To that end, the best way to avoid overly simplistic passwords leading to you being hacked is primarily through the use of a password manager. Most of these managers can also generate custom passwords that use a wide variety of numbers, letters, and symbols that are very difficult for hackers to crack.

We are passionately dedicated to helping you maintain your Cyber-Security. Our top priority is ensuring your online safety and making sure you have peace of mind when using your various password protected accounts online.

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