Cybersecurity for Business: Here’s How to Secure Your Technology Now!

Cybersecurity for Business: Here’s How to Secure Your Technology Now!

No matter what size business you run, adequate cyber security for business is likely at the top of your to do list this year. Cyber-criminals are targeting both small businesses and large businesses alike.

Cyber security for business

In addition, most people don’t realize that what’s attracting cyber-criminals to their targets is,

  • Simple and unprotected entry points,
  • Weaknesses,
  • Vulnerabilities, and
  • Outdated hardware and software

The only way to truly know where your business’ vulnerabilities lie is to work with an expert team.

In May of 2016, several large banks experienced breaches across the various financial networks they use to transfer money like SWIFT. Cyber-criminals transferred money illegally across these networks after they gained access to the data via old bank computers that had been compromised some time ago. The computers also had no modern protections installed. Staff never destroyed the computers or took them offline.

In addition to weak hardware, cyber-criminals spot weaknesses in human nature and gain easy access to your organization using social engineering tactics. In fact, higher-level executive employees are more likely to fall for phishing scams called whaling.

For the most part, handling your own IT is not the best way to handle modern risk.

There are new cyber threats every day. It’s financially impossible to hire all the staff you need to ensure your company’s bases are covered. When you work with an MSP, you work with a professional IT services company that manages and secures your technology.

This offers your organization:

  • Advanced productivity and technology performance,
  • The best security,
  • Reliable connectivity and redundancy. (Your staff can get more done with fewer outages and downtime).
  • Plenty of room for one or several servers in our world class data center, and
  • Support for all the devices and operating systems you use

At AE Technology, we believe in proactive tech support. That means we monitor your network 24/7/365, and complete routine systems maintenance every few months. Because of this, issues don’t catch us off guard. We apply patches and updates regularly; and your system is always updated with the latest tools and technology. We equip your software to resist all new cyber threats.

The only way to have access to the resources your business needs is to work with a qualified MSP. Contact us today to get started!   

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