5 Ways to Make Money with Mobile Marketing Strategies

5 Ways to Make Money with Mobile Marketing Strategies

The mobile phone has almost become an extension of human bodies. It’s very rare for people not to own one. Society in the past few years has stepped up a notch and moved by using smartphones that can access the internet as easily as using a desktop computer.

Engagement in mobile phones has increased dramatically and is projected to keep growing. Users of all ages and class are always using their device wherever they go for multiple hours a day. They are constantly bombarded with news, social media, text messages, emails etc.

A good mobile marketing strategy should be able to capitalize on society’s obsession with their phones. A well-placed strategy targeted for mobile will greatly benefit a business’ revenue if done correctly.

Mobile marketing strategies should first be able to attract the attention of users. It should also be as minimally intrusive as possible to prevent users from being discouraged to click through. And it shouldn’t interrupt the mobile user experience too dramatically. Below are five ways mobile marketing strategy can increase revenue for businesses.


Banners are a pretty simple way to increase revenue in mobile. Banners are very common in apps where it is easily seen as people use the app. Banners usually take up a small percentage of the screen but broadcast as much information needed to attract the user to click.

Banners are even more effective when it grabs the attention of the user in a creative way. When placed in the optimal spot on the screen, it could lead to an increase in lead generation and overall conversion.

Social Media

Social media has evolved to be deeply integrated with mobile. People find it easier to access their social media using their phones that they constantly carry. A marketing strategy that capitalizes on this fact will greatly increase the revenue of a business. Companies could greatly increase their social media presence to gain more audience.

Tapping influencers and negotiating a paid post or a mention could draw attention to a business’ product or service. Social media in mobile also has the added advantage of being able to share easily. Any interesting marketing campaign can be viewed by countless users in a matter of minutes by just one click. This could increase lead generation and conversion for a business.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of marketing strategy involving paid media that enhances the ad experience of the audience. It is designed to seamlessly integrate the natural function and form of the user experience. This makes the ad feel more organic and entice the user to seek more information by clicking the ad.

This is particularly influential in mobile because more and more people access the internet through their phone. Marketing strategies that use native advertising could be more effective than others because the ad is well-placed. Native advertising includes videos, articles, infographics and so much more.

Location-Based Service

Many marketing strategies take advantage of location-based services. This allows for a quicker and a more efficient way of connecting a customer to a business. This is particularly advantageous to local businesses within a particular area. Using the location information of a customer looking for a product or service, a list of possible vendors will be provided based on their proximity to the customer.

Location-based services also use satellite navigation to determine a certain location. Businesses who offer one-of-a-kind products or service will be connected to people across the world looking for what they offer.

Text Messaging Campaign

A simple and time-tested marketing strategy a business could increase their revenue is through text messaging campaign. A business already possessing the cellular number of a good number of customers can send various campaigns, deals, coupons, events and other information to customers easily through text.

And because cellular phones have become ubiquitous in today’s society, the information is easily passed and seen. Some customers who don’t regularly check online will still see the available products and services a company offers through text. This is particularly effective for local businesses.

Author Bio: Kerry Brooks, an ardent blogger, loves to write about digital marketing and web development. She frequently blogs at Arcanemarketing, a leading online marketing agency based in Idaho Falls.

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