Exactly How Old is Your Old Server?

Exactly How Old is Your Old Server?

While almost everyone can appreciate the value of a classic car, “classic” servers do not necessarily hold their value, especially when they decide to fail during a typical workday. Although very large businesses might have a spare server to fall back on, small businesses typically do not. To rely upon an old server, perhaps offering up a daily prayer that it will continue to run properly even though it is showing signs of age, is not a good business plan.

Why Servers Matter

When operating smoothly, servers run quietly and efficiently in the background of an organization. Most users don’t think much about or even see the server(s) they use — but they are the invisible workhorse(s) providing crucial functions for organizations. Servers allow employees to have internet access, they serve up corporate data in applications for viewing and updating, they allow employees to collaborate on group projects, along with many other critical tasks that employees must complete in any given workday. When a server functions properly, a business can function as well. If a company should experience server failure during a workday, it stops most, if not all employees from working altogether.

A Comprehensive Plan 

The best way to avoid receiving an unpleasant surprise from an old server is to prevent it from failing in the first place. Servers have become much to valuable for companies to have a “set it and forget it” attitude. Enlisting a managed service provider is the first step in taking a proactive stance to effectively managing vital technology hardware.

Managed service providers can monitor a company’s essential equipment and alert interested parties when they discern that older equipment needs replacement. MSPs also monitor equipment patches, ensuring that all equipment stays up to date in order to avoid the latest vulnerabilities. Professional managed service providers can also create an effective backup and data recovery plan to ensure that an organization’s data always remains protected no matter what.

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