Faster, More Selective Screenshots – Computer Tip of the Day

Faster, More Selective Screenshots - Computer Tip of the Day

Selective screenshots are a useful tool for both desktops and mobile devices. Although most people know how to take them, few know how to do so efficiently. In this blog, we’ll teach you about Microsoft’s Snipping Tool for Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What You’re Probably Doing

Let’s say you need to take a screenshot of your Gmail inbox. You’re probably going to hit ALT + PrtSc to create a new file in the Screenshots folder (hopefully you’re not just clicking PrtSc and pasting the picture in Microsoft Paint).

But if you just want to send a screenshot of your inbox, then you’ll have to cut out the tabs and address bar in your browser. You can either go back, hit F11 to make your browser full screen and take another screenshot, or crop the one you have. Both options take too much time for such a simple process.

What You Should Do

Instead, you should hit the Windows button, type “Snipping Tool” into the applications search bar, and click the corresponding icon. Select “New” and choose between the following four options:

  • Free-form Snip
  • Rectangular Snip
  • Window Snip
  • Full-screen Snip

The best way to get a screenshot of your email inbox is to use the second option. Now you can select what you want to appear in the picture and save the file to whatever folder you’d like.

What You Can Use This For

Screenshots are useful in many different scenarios. Whether you’re reporting a problem with your computer, sharing your screen with a colleague, or creating a new document, they’re useful for showing exactly what’s on your computer.

The Snipping Tool just makes the process a little easier. There’s no need to crop your picture, save a new file, or paste what you have in Microsoft Paint (please never do this).

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