Get Away From the Computer Screen – Computer Tip of the Day

Get Away From the Computer Screen – Computer Tip of the Day

Spending too much time on a computer becomes counterproductive. Instead of getting more work done, you’re more likely to burn out physically and mentally.

Knowing how and why you should take breaks is especially important for office workers who rely on computers daily. Businesses should remind and encourage their employees to take frequent breaks.

Give Your Eyes a Break

Looking at a screen for too long is bad for your eyes. This isn’t just something your parents told you to get you to stop watching television. According to this Spine Universe article, it can actually change the way your eyes work:

“Looking at a computer screen for extended periods causes some changes in how your eyes work, including blinking less often and exposing more of the eye surface to air. Every 15 minutes, briefly look away from the computer screen for a minute or two to a more distant scene, preferably something more than 20 feet away. This lets the muscles inside the eye relax.”

You should frequently give your eyes a break by looking at anything other than a digital screen. That means no laptops, no TVs, and no phones.

Do Some Stretching

Sitting at a computer too long promotes bad posture. That’s why you see some office employees with their shoulders rolled forward.

You can do two things to fight against this. One is learning how to sit properly by trying not to slouch. The other is learning to take short breaks to stretch and gain some basic mobility back.

Make a Schedule

While most people will agree that it’s important to take breaks from the computer, few do it often enough. To make sure you’re getting enough rest, we recommend making a schedule to stick to for a few weeks. Make it a habit to get away from the screen, and you’ll be less likely to burn out in the future.

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