Label Everything: Keeping Track of Remote Servers & Employee Devices

Label Everything: Keeping Track of Remote Servers & Employee Devices

Systems get more and more complex the large they grow, and the confusion can get even worse if they’re growing organically. If you’re managing the hardware for a growing company that has multiple locations or traveling employees with business devices, here’s one low-tech tip for how to keep the organization under control:

Label everything with both a permanent number and employee- or location-specific information.

Keeping track of multiple parts with you’re managing a growing electronic infrastructure is surprisingly manual, and it will take up more time than you think it will. That’s why it’s important to set time aside and keep the hardware itself in order. For every laptop, tablet, or device, give it a permanent identifying number that corresponds the device with your records so you can keep on top of its updates, software, and licenses. If you have remote servers for each national store your corporation has, make sure the store’s hardware has a clear number that matches up with the switch on your end.

Then double-down on organization by creating changeable labels. Add another line to the switches that give the physical address of its corresponding store, and make sure devices are tracked by employee name, too. This information will change over time, so it can’t be the sole identifier in your records. But if you’re dealing with a sudden crisis where people on the other end can’t find the number or an employee quits without returning their technology, those more intuitive labels can save hours.

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