New Capabilities for Healthcare Organizations with Microsoft Teams

New Capabilities for Healthcare Organizations with Microsoft Teams

Efficient and timely communication are some of the key cornerstones required by healthcare organizations in order to provide outstanding care for their patients. Microsoft’s Teams communication and collaboration software empowers those in the healthcare industry by providing a safe and compliant mechanism in which to communicate and coordinate patient care.

Whether a healthcare professional is at a desk, or on-the-go meeting with a patient, the Microsoft Teams application provides fast and secure updating of patient data and other vital healthcare information.

Responsive Healthcare

Microsoft Teams offers integration with FHIR-enabled electronic health records (EHR). This allows doctors and other healthcare professionals to easily access patient information in order to make treatment decisions, as well as consult and coordinate with others regarding patient treatment.

The Microsoft Teams app also allows for more patient-centered healthcare by allowing physicians and other healthcare to staff to quickly and securely relay important patient information to the right channels. By allowing staff to send notifications, as well as defining the message priority, medical staff can alert interested parties to the status of a patient’s health. Physicians and other healthcare professionals can communicate with others, labeling their notifications as urgent, if necessary, in order to provide essential medical treatment to their patients as quickly as possible.

In addition, Microsoft Teams offers a variety of ways beyond simple text notifications, in which key information can be relayed to others within the organization. An example might be a nurse providing care who notices a patient wound is becoming infected. He or she can simply snap a photo of the area and send it, along with the level of priority, to the patient’s physician who can then examine the wound and order the proper treatment.

Efficient Tracking

With Microsoft Teams, medical establishments can ensure someone is monitoring patient information at all times. Surgeons and other key personnel can delegate others to receive their notifications while they are in surgery or meeting with other patients. This allows medical establishments to meet the needs of their patients as quickly as possible rather than waiting on staff to become available.

Shift scheduling is also easier through Microsoft Teams. Shift schedulers can create, monitor and coordinate work shifts and share that information in a timely manner. Team members can easily see who is available for help and who is on vacation, as well as review their own schedule. 

Medical establishments that efficiently organize their staff, keeping all interested parties informed of updates and changes, are able to better coordinate staff coverage for their patients.

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