Now Safely Use Any Internet Connection with a VPN

Now Safely Use Any Internet Connection with a VPN

You may have already heard some of the hype about Virtual Private Networks. VPNs work by masking the user’s IP address so their true identity and location remain unknown. They permit anonymity and keep others from tracking web activities. The internet connection is rerouted through remote servers to accomplish this. Governmental and geographic boundaries can often be circumvented. These networks bring possibilities of avoiding censorship and allow anonymous material downloading or streaming.

For those in both the business and personal worlds, one of their greatest benefits is the ability they give to utilize public WiFi networks safely and securely. Rapid, secure, effective communications are now possible anywhere internet connections exist.

Public WiFi Use Risks

How many businesses have representatives who work out of the office in one capacity or another? The short answer is a substantial percentage, with the amount continuing to increase. Personal or business emails, phone communications, chat room conversations, and passwords were all at severe risk from hackers in public WiFi areas until the coming of VPNs. With a VPN, business can be conducted by company representatives anywhere without fear of these hackers stealing valuable information. And personal use is safe as well.

How VPNs Work

How does a VPN work? The Virtual Private Network not only masks your identity and location, it utilizes encryption to secure your data. This encryption can only be decrypted by legitimate recipients in the network. Think of it as a secure information passageway, accessible only to those with proper credentials and encryption. This secure information passageway makes any information virtually impossible to hack.

Business and Personal Benefits

Communicating important information more securely, quickly, and concisely has always been an advantage. In centuries past, distant armies sometimes waged war for extended periods after hostilities ceased because communications were so glacially slow. When the telephone was first invented, nobody had any idea how its vast communication networks would change the world. The same was true with computer technology. Advances in computer and communication technology tend to build on earlier technology, to be cumulative. VPNs are certainly another forward step that brings significant advantages to both business and personal computing.

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