Preserve Your Sanity This Holiday Season

Preserve Your Sanity This Holiday Season

Isn’t it ironic that the most “wonderful” time of the year can also be deemed the most stressful? We are familiar with the challenges of long work days and endless deadlines, however, if you throw a family gathering or office party in the mix, it’s enough to send you crawling under a rock!

Although it can be chaotic, always remember to take care of yourself first. Preserve your sanity this holiday season by following these key tips:

Be Lazy

No, but seriously. Do it. Turn your alarm off and sleep in for a day if you can. Indulge in whatever unwinds you from a stressful work week.

Whether you binge watch your favorite Netflix series over a glass of wine or go out or get pampered with a deep tissue massage, you deserve it! No matter how organized or balanced you are, we all need to push the reset button sometimes. It will lead to increased productivity when you go back into the real world and most importantly, it just feels good.

Learn the Word “No.”

We have all been there. Sometimes saying “no” to friends and family social functions makes us feel guilty and instead, we overextend ourselves and become down right exhausted. The holidays bring more social gatherings than usual and it’s understandable if your schedule can’t fit them all. Be honest and upfront with those close to you and take advantage of the down time that you have for yourself.

Turn Off the Electronics

It’s no secret that we are addicted to technology. Whether it’s replying to e-mails or browsing social media, it’s a hard habit to break. But I challenge you to take a day or even just a few hours to put down your phone or laptop and really take a moment to embrace the spirit of the holidays. Reconnect with family or just take a moment to yourself and relax.

While the holidays can be stressful, it’s important not to forget about ourselves amidst the chaos. Enjoy spoiling yourself for a moment, speak up if you’re overwhelmed, and make a commitment to turn off your electronics.

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