Protect Your VoIP from Cyber Attacks with Multi-Layered Defenses

Protect VoIP from Cyber Attack

VoIP technology has opened up new possibilities in efficient, cost-effective communications. However, like other Internet-based technology, it remains vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Towards the end of 2016, Network World published an article warning about an increasing number of VoIP attacks. If your company plans to keep safely making calls over the Internet, it’s important to guard against cyber criminals and their unlawful and harmful intrusions.

How can you protect your VoIP from cyber attacks?

Rely on monitoring. Monitoring technology can detect suspicious activities in your VoIP network, such as calls you can’t identify (and that may wind up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars). When you use monitoring as one of your defenses, you’re adopting a proactive approach that emphasizes catching problems before they become severe.

Use firewalls. Firewalls are potent defenses against unauthorized VoIP traffic. They can pick up on attacks and strange call patterns.

Secure every piece of hardware on your VoIP network. Any unprotected hardware is a point of vulnerability for cyber criminals to exploit. Outdated software and hardware may contain security holes that need to get addressed.

Adopt encryption. Companies will find it beneficial to use encryption along every point on a channel of communication, decreasing the chances of an intrusion and loss of privacy.

Implement stricter user access. Who is allowed to use your VoIP system, and under what circumstances? The use of strong, complex passwords is critical, and there are other useful authentication measures, such as checking the device or network before permitting access.

Ultimately, VoIP security should involve a multi-layered approach and not simply one form of defense. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance with strengthening security for your VoIP technology.

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