Save On Time Using These Computer Tips

Save On Time Using These Computer Tips

Achieving efficiency in routine activities is the desire of most individuals and computers are making that possible. For that reason, computers have become a great resource in every society, but the ability to exploit their full potential remains a challenge for most users. Gaining an understanding of how you can achieve the most from your computer is critical.

Here are tips that avail insight beyond conventional computer use and you can save time by adopting them.

Consider Using The Unsubscribe Filter

If the nature of your work entails handling email clients, the need to respond to thousands of emails is often inevitable. Also, the burden increases when you receive other emails from stores and brands planning to sell you their products or services. In that case, finding a way to clean your inbox fast will save you some precious time.

A probable solution, in this case, is making a filter in your email for the word “unsubscribe.” By doing so, you can get rid of unwanted emails faster and seamlessly.

Opt For User-friendly Link Sharing Sites

The popularity of link shortener sites continues to increase as a result of the convenience they avail. However, some link shortener sites are difficult to read on PowerPoint or whiteboard presentations and are case sensitive too. As such, you may spend a lot of time trying to understand how they work if you want to leverage their potential.

ShoutKey is a better option that can help you overcome these challenges because it can select the word to use randomly. Eventually, that word will appear at the end of the link and you can share this link with other individuals conveniently.

Enhance Information Sharing Capability Between Devices

Currently, demand for apps that support sharing of information between devices is quite high. Though majority view the use of conventional methods to achieve the same as an option, ineffectiveness and time wastage are posing major challenges. Connecting all your devices using Pushbullet will avail better results.

As such, sharing links and files with various devices takes less time. Additionally, users of this app and extension experience efficiency when sending messages and reminders from computers to smartphones.

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