Scheduling Mandatory Reboots – Computer Tip of the Day

Scheduling Mandatory Reboots - Computer Tip of the Day

Computer updates are important for security and functionality, but nobody likes waiting for their computer to reboot. Oftentimes, users get caught in a cycle of delaying them every chance they get without ever making time for the updates to download. If this has been frustrating you since your first Windows desktop, then read below for our computer tip of the day about scheduling mandatory reboots.

With Windows 10, Microsoft won’t let users delay updates for long. But to help with this transition, it’s also offering an option for scheduling mandatory reboots.

This PC World article talks about the feature and explains how you can use it:

“Windows 10 won’t allow you to skip updates this time around, but it tosses enthusiasts a bone by finally—FINALLY—including an option to schedule exactly when those mandatory restarts happen. Once an update’s been downloaded, head into the Windows Update section of the Settings app’s “Updates & Security” section to tell your PC when it’s got a greenlight to reboot. If you head into the advanced options you can tell Windows to notify you to schedule a restart whenever an update’s ready to rock.”

Changing the settings only takes a couple of minutes, but it’ll save you a lot of frustration later on. The good thing is that you won’t have to keep clicking “Postpone” every four hours when scheduling mandatory reboots.

This tip has several benefits. For one, it makes sure that employees update their computers regularly. This is critical for protecting your company’s hardware and data. Moreover, by scheduling their mandatory updates, employees will see an increase in productivity. The updates will start at convenient times as opposed to interrupting employees when they’re busy.

If your computers don’t have Windows 10 yet, then you should encourage employees to update their computers regularly. Not scheduling mandatory reboots can create problems later on and frustrate employees in case the updates start at inopportune times.

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