The 2 Types of Disaster Recovery Solutions You Need To Know

The 2 Types of Disaster Recovery Solutions You Need To Know

There are a couple of different ways to approach disaster recovery solutions. One involves planning a strategy on your own, while the other calls for a complete service. In addition, there are several ways you back up your data and some are better than others. We’ll go over all of this and more in this blog.


Do-it-yourself disaster recovery solutions are typiclly as bad as it sounds. The problem is that most businesses don’t have a thorough understanding of the practice. They might cover the data backup aspect, but forget other essential components. We don’t recommend DIY disaster recovery solutions.


Disaster recovery as a service puts your company’s future in the hands of professionals. Not only do they back up your data, but they make sure you’ll have access to it in the event of a disaster.

There are a couple considerations here. This Information Age article recommends using off-site data backup in case something happens to your building:

“In order to fully protect data, organisations should opt for a service provider that offers off-site secondary replication. This allows customers to reboot their systems even in the rare event that the primary storage has been irreparably damaged.”

If you use tape backup and your building gets flooded, then you’re out of luck. Cloud solutions take care of this problem.

Another consideration is to choose data centers away from your office. According to this Tech Target article, this is a lesson New York businesses learned from Hurricane Sandy:

“Hurricane Sandy had a massive 210-plus mile diameter. Folks with flooding data centers in New York City were rightfully concerned when they learned of water encroaching on their hot site or cloud DRaaS service provider in Philadelphia. Today, there is still a good chance that a modestly priced DRaaS provider is hosting your backup data within 50 miles of your facility. At that distance, both your original data and your backup could be at risk from a similar storm.”

A DRaaS provider takes care of every little aspect. This is their area of expertise, and it’s highly unlikely that a DIY strategy would hold its own in a comparison.

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