Don’t Forget Those Control Key Shortcuts

We all like to be as efficient as we can be. Whether you are in Word or composing an e-mail, if you prefer the keypad to the mouse, using control- keys can save you a lot of time!

You’ve probably seen at least some of these, but here’s a comprehensive list of Control+one letter commands.

  • Ctrl + A    Select All
  • Ctrl + B    Bold the selection or toggle Bold on and off
  • Ctrl + C    Copy the selected text
  • Ctrl + D    Open the Font Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + E    Center align text
  • Ctrl + F    Open Find Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + G    Open GoTo Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + H    Open Find and Replace Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + I     Italicize selected text or toggle Italicize on and off
  • Ctrl + J     Justifies the selected text (aligns to both left and right margins)
  • Ctrl + K    Insert Hyperlink
  • Ctrl + L     Left align text
  • Ctrl + M    Indent the paragraph
  • Ctrl + N    Open new blank document
  • Ctrl + O    Opens the Open Document Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + P     Opens Print Dialog Box
  • Ctrl + Q    Remove Paragraph Formatting
  • Ctrl + R    Right align text
  • Ctrl + S    Save open document
  • Ctrl + T    Create hanging indent
  • Ctrl + U    Underline selected text or toggle underline on and off
  • Ctrl + V    Paste previously copied text
  • Ctrl + W   Close Word document
  • Ctrl + X    Cut selected text
  • Ctrl + Y    Redo an undone action, or repeat an action
  • Ctrl + Z    CtrlZ is the hero of control keys. While holding down the Ctrl key, press the Z and it will undo your last action. Inadvertently deleted the text from your term paper? No problem, before you do anything else, press CtrlZ and your text will magically reappear!

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