Internet Advocacy And The Constant Fight For Internet Rights

Internet Advocacy And The Constant Fight For Internet Rights

The internet has been one of the greatest achievements in humanity, but it comes with scrutiny. Today, many online advocates are fighting for the rights of people that use the internet. The people that are fighting for our rights have began to make strides in the way businesses (especially those exclusively on the internet) can act. Let’s take a look at the advances that internet advocates have made to protect the rights of internet users around the world. 

The Online Advocacy Initiative 

Some people still believe that the internet is still new and doesn’t require the need for advocacy, but they are the ones that have had little interaction with unscrupulous online businesses or don’t feel concerned with their personal information being pillaged by unauthorized users. In fact, there are other internet concerns that online advocates have addressed including: 

  • Monetization consumer/visitor data 
  • Censorship 
  • Access to affordable internet services 
  • Net neutrality

Net Neutrality: The Advocates Perspective 

Net neutrality is at the forefront of online advocacy because it threatens internet freedom. According to the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), a 2015 law was passed that required online business transparency, consumer protection, protection against unnecessary regulations, and the promotion of broadband investments, but these laws were repelled in 2017. Advocates for the internet continue to fight for these initiatives to protect over 3.9 billion users that browse, make purchases, operate businesses and work online. Net neutrality continues to focus on healthy internet access for everyone. The goal is to ensure that large internet providers won’t try to maximize their profits off of the backs of those that use the web. 

Businesses of all kinds including government agencies tend to take autonomy over consumer information that’s passed over the internet and advocates are pushing for data privacy. These advocates are asking the question: “Why should Walmart, Google, or Facebook benefit from our personal information?” However, the way things stand, it may take time for the United States to get on board with privacy laws in comparison to other international regions like the European Union’s Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that protects European residents from “organizational tyranny.”

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