The Benefits of Predicting Critical Network Events

The Benefits of Predicting Critical Network Events

No matter the size of the organization, companies depend heavily upon their computer networks in order to conduct essential daily operations.  Although security issues and data breaches are generally the most high profile causes of network downtime, there are other factors to consider when ensuring a company’s network is reliable and always available when employees need it.  Listed below are five network monitoring responsibilities, that when effectively addressed, lead to consistent and dependable network service and avoidance of critical events.

Effective Allocation of Resources

Many companies have large seasonal projects that put additional demand upon their network services.  By understanding when a business requires extra network resources, administrators can proactively ready the network, enabling it to handle the extra demand with little to no disruption.

Monitoring Standard Performance

Even outside of busy seasons, proper network monitoring will include regular evaluation of network anomalies and fluctuations in performance.  By consistently monitoring network behavior, administrators can evaluate trends and catch small problems before they become large issues that could cause a network outage.

Enabling Successful Deployments

Software and hardware is always changing.  It is important to evaluate the effectiveness over time of new technologies and system upgrades in order for businesses to determine if their financial investment in these products met expectations.  Network monitoring and management tools can help businesses determine if they are truly reaping the benefits of a new technology and whether it can effectively scale for future business needs as well.

Mobile and Smart Devices

In the past, network administrators only needed to consider devices hard-wired to their networks.  With the advent of mobile and smart devices, network administrators need to keep track of and monitor all network access attempts.  A successful network management plan will include an efficient mechanism for tracking all devices allowed to have access to the network, removing access rights when no longer needed, and monitoring suspicious access attempts.


Although clearly there are multiple areas that network administrators need to address, security is still a vital area as well.  Staying up to date on security patches, along with detecting and removing security threats is a constant task of successful network managers.

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