Understanding Your Computer’s Life Cycle

Understanding Your Computer’s Life Cycle

Setting up and transitioning to new computers is a tricky time for any business. In this blog, we’ll go over your computer’s life cycle so you can have a better understanding of the process and prepare yourself accordingly.

Computer's Life Cycle

1. Research products

If we had to pick one step where businesses go wrong, it’s this. Right at the beginning of the cycle.

When it comes to selecting a new computer, there’s no such thing as too much research. You have to make sure that you’ll be able to do the same tasks on a new PC. To do that, you’ll have to talk with each department and see what they require.

When you’re finally set on a computer, you can talk to a vendor and see what kind of discount you can get.

2. Set up your PC 

The second step is important for a smooth transition. You need someone (an IT professional or an agency) to set up your computer and import your data, files, and applications. If you miss something here, then it will create havoc when employees use the computers and can’t find the specific software they need.

3. Regular operations

This is (hopefully) the longest stage of your computer’s life cycle. Aside from all the normal tasks you’ll carry out for your job, someone will also need to take care of things like data backup, software updates, and security during the stage. The quicker you do this and spot problems, the longer your PC will last.

4. Transitioning to a new PC 

And finally, when your computer is too slow, glitchy, or just flat-out broken, you’ll need to transition to a new one. Before you restart the process, you need to follow your company’s policy and dispose of the PC correctly. Don’t forget things like your inventory, data, and licenses.

Computers don’t last forever, but the better you understand their life cycle, the longer you can extend it. For more information about your computer’s life cycle, contact us today.

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