Understanding and Creating Respect in the Workplace

Understanding and Creating Respect in the Workplace

Neglected and disgruntled employees can get in the way of your company’s success. This often occurs when they feel disrespected by fellow employees or by upper management. On the other hand, employees who feel respected in their workplace are more confident and loyal. For a company to be successful, employers and managers must know how they can nurture and sustain a culture of respect in their organization. 

A majority of employees regard respect as the most important leadership trait. However, more and more employees continue to report massive instances of disrespectful behavior from their seniors.

Surprisingly, many leaders do not fully comprehend the main elements of workplace respect. Thus, even the most genuine initiatives aimed at establishing a respectful workplace are treated with open suspicion. 

So, how do you create a workplace that prioritizes respect?

Know the Types of Respect

Respect is generally classified into two types. All employees are entitled to owed respect. However, it is common for some employees to outperform others and become essential to a company’s growth. These rare crop of employees deserve earned respect. 

A seasoned team leader knows how to infuse the two types of respect into the daily operations of the company. You can use owed respect to increase cohesiveness among employees and earned respect to motivate exceptional employees.

Be Consistent

Always display a great degree of equality when showing respect to employees. Low-level employees are adept at noting seemingly negligible cues that they may interpret as respect or disrespect. Feelings of being ignored or favored are likely to develop within the lower ranks. To prevent the emergence of such an unsuitable workplace culture, you should set a consistent level of respect across the workplace.

Be Sincere

Nothing creates an atmosphere of respect than unhindered expressions of honesty. Flattering and suspicious compliments can cause havoc to your company’s culture of respect. 

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