Watch For These RED FLAGS Online

Watch For These RED FLAGS Online

These days, the internet is full of warning signals and red flags that most people just ignore because they assume nothing bad will ever happen to them; just to other people. This is a dangerous viewpoint to have and can easily screw you over. These are some of the red flags that it is important to watch for when using a specific computer or network in order to recognize potential issues before they become more serious.

#1: Ambushed by Adware

This is a major red flag. If your computer suddenly starts popping up adware all of the time then you most likely have gotten some adware on your computer that is causing ads to pop up literally everywhere across your system. While some ads are to be expected, this kind of thing will cause your browser to redirect you to advertiser pages with nearly every single click you make on your browser.

#2: Strange Popups

As with the case of an adware ambush, this is not something that you should miss. In this case, you could be in the middle of a presentation and a series of popup windows could appear across your desktop before you can access your files. This is vital to deal with as soon as possible as it almost certainly indicates that your computer has been infected by some kind of malware.

#3: Excessive Spam Email

While you have to expect to receive some spam mail from time to time if you should suddenly start getting an unnaturally large amount of spam mail then something is likely wrong. This is especially the case if your office’s email addresses appear to be the ones being used to send the mail or if it’s coming from another official-looking email address. If this is the case then it is probably caused by a worm using one of these email addresses to access the address’s contact account and send a load of automated messages from that same address.

#4: Formerly Working Software Broken

While software does stop working for good reasons sometimes, there is typically some type of warning first and it’s usually fairly few and far between. If a large number of your programs stop working all at once then this is a significant red flag. This can indicate is that your computer has some serious malware issues that need dealing with ASAP.

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