What to Look for When Choosing a Computer Support Specialist in New York

When choosing a computer support specialist for your small or medium size business you’ll want to think about choosing between an emergency support team and a managed service provider. What is the difference between the two?
What’s the difference between emergency 
support and managed services?

An emergency support team is on call to help you when your network is in trouble. Oftentimes as long as your business still remains connected to the internet the support team can fix your issues from a remote location. This will allow them to respond quickly and get your system back up and running much faster than sending a technician to your location, but sometimes this is inevitable. The emergency support team usually bills by the hour and can be expensive.

A managed service provider takes a proactive approach to your computer network, constantly monitoring it and fixing issues when the system sends a warning, before they occur. Managed services usually come in different levels of monthly plans such as silver, gold, and platinum. The best plans offer cloud services and disaster recovery services.

Cloud services include desktop applications that can be accessed from any device and any location. This allows you to continue working outside the office when required. Cloud drives let you and your employees share files and store them securely.

Disaster recovery protects your business in the event of a catastrophe. It includes offsite backup copies of your system to ensure you can pick up where you left off. So let’s say a hurricane came and destroyed the building you were working in. Your managed service provider will set you up in a new building and upload an offsite backup of the day before the disaster and it would be like you didn’t miss a beat.

But if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you run the risk of losing all your important data, and that could cost you your entire business.

So when you choose a computer support specialist you should ask yourself, “How important is my data?”. If it’s a key factor to running your business, you will want to look into a managed service provider. AE Technology Group on Long Island, New York has both emergency services and managed service solutions. Check them out at www.aetechgroup.com.

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