What is My IP?

Here is a great tool that I am adding to the tools page if you need to know what the IP of your computer or mobile device. It’s called www.smart-ip.net and it can be a huge timesaver.

Smart-ip.net can easily tell you what is IP of your computer or mobile device, geolocate an IP-address, measure your internet connection speed, do ping test to your or another computer, tell you IP WHOIS data, scan ports of your computer to detect vulnerabilities, trace email origin and help you scan files and links for viruses in the Internet or your local PC.

What makes smart-ip.net unique is that each of their tools are made for its users by hand with love, and the service is completely free.

Smart-ip.net also has excellent APIs and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With a great, easy to use interface you’ll never need another IP address website again. (www.smart-ip.net)

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