With a Proactive Approach to IT Services, You Don’t Wait for Disaster to Strike

For many businesses, IT support looks like the following scenario.

A vital piece of software keeps crashing, and no one can explain why. A number of employees can’t get their work done. After some time, IT professionals start investigating the problem.

Sometimes, they’re able to fix it on the spot. Other times, the solution is more elusive, and the issue takes hours or days to resolve. On the spot, IT professionals have to try to piece together what might have caused the problem, and they don’t always have the context.

This is what’s known as a reactive approach to IT services. It kicks in only when you have a problem. Ultimately, if your business is relying only on this kind of IT support, it’s losing money.

In contrast, an emphasis on prevention and proactive interventions leads to greater productivity and proves to be more cost-effective.

How can a proactive approach help your business?

Stronger cyber security. The threat of a data breach, DDoS attack, and other IT disaster is ever-present (a recent article from CIO discusses four major threats expected to dominate in the coming year). A proactive approach to IT services anticipates and tries to block or minimize various cyber security dangers, rather than wait to step in only after a disaster has struck. For example, businesses can benefit from round-the-clock network monitoring to better detect unauthorized activities and intrusions.

Less downtime. Downtime can extract considerable costs from your business. Proactive IT services involve keeping an eye out for potential problems and responding to them as soon as possible, before they develop into full-blown emergencies. Proactive IT support also involves planning for the future – for instance, scheduling system updates and equipment upgrades in a timely way, before errors, breakdowns, and inefficiency set in.

A more personalized approach. IT professionals working in a proactive way will strive to better understand your needs and come up with cost-effective technological solutions that best suit your business, improving your productivity. They’ll also make sure that your employees know how to handle more minor issues on their own in a quick way, saving time and energy for everyone.

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