3 Tips to Smoothly Transition Your Technology to a New Office

3 Tips to Smoothly Transition Your Technology to a New Office

These days, relocating to a new office entails a lot more than a few moving vans and a notice to the landlord: there may be an entire IT infrastructure to transfer as well. Whether your department of information technology consists of just one person, or you have a dedicated team of ten IT specialists, it’s important that you plan carefully for a smooth transition of your technology.

The following are some helpful tips that will enable you to do just that:

Plan Your IT Transfer Early Enough

Planning the transition of your technology is one of those things that you can’t leave until the last minute. It’s important that you plan the transfer of your IT infrastructure, ideally two months in advance. The first thing is to have your IT professionals tour the new office location so that they can assess the network cabling requirements. The next thing is to contact all internet service providers, technology vendors, and all carriers to inform them of your relocation plans.

Assess Your Equipment

This is an important step, especially if your network infrastructure is old. During the assessment, be sure to list all equipment to establish whether it meets your needs and will be appropriate for use in the new office. You should also identify equipment that requires replacing or upgrading. Be sure to dispose of broken equipment properly, and return any leased equipment.

Protect Your Data

Even as you pray for a smooth transition, you should also be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Think of what would happen to your important data in case something went wrong during the relocation, and your equipment got severely damaged. So, it’s crucial that you back up your data and make certain that full recovery is possible to ensure that you will not lose your data. Another way you can protect your data is to get managed IT support to reduce cybersecurity risks.

Not getting the technology-aspect of your office move right can lead to unnecessary holdups and downtown, which can have serious financial and operational repercussions for your business. The tips mentioned above will help you plan for a smooth and low-risk transition.

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