4 Tips For Effective Server Management

4 Tips For Effective Server Management

It is not uncommon for organizations nowadays to rely almost completely on their technology hardware and software in order to accomplish their most basic daily operations — and corporate servers are one of the main backbones providing essential technology services.  In this post we will discuss four tips that will afford you effective server management and keep your servers up and running without interruption.

Provide the Right Environment

Your servers require ideal environmental conditions in order to operate properly.  Even when servers are operating properly, they generate a notable amount of heat.  If your corporate servers are jam-packed in a small room, they can overheat in a fairly short period of time. Devote the proper amount of space for all your server equipment and make sure your cooling solution system is working properly at all times.  If you plan to run your servers 24/7, determine whether your building can keep your servers at the proper temperature 24/7 as well. In addition, if you want to run your servers even during power outages, you need to ensure you also have a cooling system that runs on some type of backup power system.

Provide an Independent Space

In order to ensure your servers operate within the proper environmental conditions, they should have their own independent space. Ideally, keep them in a room separate from your working environment.  If you cannot afford to have them in their own room, consider investing in a secure rack mount with built-in sound protection, to reduce any issues with noise.

Mount Your Servers

In order to protect your server equipment from hazards like spills and crumbs or employees tripping over or bumping into equipment, it is best to organize and mount them on a server rack.  Server racks can protect your current investment and allow for an organized expansion for additional servers in the future.

Organize Wiring

When first starting out, a few wires here and there in a server room seem manageable.  However, most businesses either expand over time requiring more equipment and/or they go through periodic staff changes — both of which can lead to a disorganized mess of wires with a sketchy history.  By properly grouping and labeling all the wires accompanying your server equipment, future upgrades are much more manageable and new tech staff have an organized wire system to work with rather than a tangled mess of wires.

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