5 Security Apps That Help Protect Your Home While You’re Away

5 Security Apps That Help Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Home security systems have been around for decades. However, with technology’s advancements, their accuracy, consistency, effectivity, and versatility have gotten so sophisticated now more than ever.

Likewise, these security systems have ventured into wireless technologies. One such example is the rise of security apps. Security companies now sell every security device that comes with either a built-in security app or a compatible third-party app that can make you feel safer, whenever, wherever.

Our home and its inhabitants’ safety should be the utmost priority. One cannot simply miss the benefits of having a security system and security apps around. If you’re a busy homeowner, these security apps are beneficial to monitor the safety of children, seniors, and even pets.

You can never be too careful of the world’s uncertainties these days. So whether you’re about to install your first-ever security system or already have an existing one, here are the top five security apps that will protect your home and give you peace of mind while you’re away.


Touted as the “best home security system” by Verge, Wirecutter, and more, SimpliSafe is your affordable security solution with no monthly contract. Some of its features are:

• Arm or disarm your system
• Receive home entry alerts
• View your cameras live anywhere
• Monitor leaks, temperatures, floods, and the possibility of frozen pipes
• Monitor alcohol, medicine, and gun cabinets

Vivint Sky

Vivint Sky is a state of the art home automation system that will make it easy for homeowners to monitor, check, and control their homes while they’re away. Some app features are:

• View your hidden camera clips anywhere
• Monitor smoke detectors
• Monitor window sensors
• Lock and unlock doors
• Receive alerts
• Home automation features

Xfinity Home

Another household name in the realm of security systems is Xfinity Home from Comcast. It offers a myriad of features that allow you to take advantage of total home security and home automation. Some are:

• View surveillance cameras anywhere
• Control thermostat, sensors, appliances, lights, and locks
• Arm and disarm security systems
• Receive automatic alerts
• Schedule lighting systems


Over five million people trust Alarm.com. Although they’re not a security provider, this app is compatible with almost all security companies with features such as:

• Watch surveillance from security cameras
• Home automation features such as locks, thermostat, sensors, and more
• Arming and disarming features
• Receive security alerts
• View security event history


Nest is another security app that can protect your home at all times, even when you’re out of town for a business trip. Here are what you can get from the app:

• Get alerts when there’s an activity
• Talk back to capture someone’s attention
• 24/7 video streaming
• Listen to any conversation by the door
• Receives snapshots within the last three hours

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