Increase Patient Happiness with Patient Scheduling Software

Increase Patient Happiness with Patient Scheduling Software

As with other professions, many in the medical community are taking advantage of some of the benefits offered by advances in information technology. By doing so, these medical professionals hope to increase patient satisfaction, decrease patient wait times, and improve the accuracy of their services. In this article, we will discuss some of the newer features becoming available in software applications specifically designed for the medical industry.

Self-Scheduling Features 

More and more medical offices are allowing patients to schedule their own routine appointments online. Patients appreciate the 24/7 availability of scheduling an appointment, along with the ability to reschedule or cancel their appointment if necessary, through a secure portal. By allowing patients to schedule appointments, it frees up office staff to focus on patients with more complex medical issues.

Automate Patient Waiting List

Sometimes patients are unable to see their physician as quickly as they would like. In the past, many medical offices kept a manual wait list and would contact patients if a spot became available. New software applications can automate this process by sending out text messages to those on a waiting list. A patient can respond directly to the text and accept the newly available appointment if they desire. Automating the process helps reduce the chance that a physician has an open slot, and allows patients to receive medical care in a more timely manner.

Organized Scheduling 

Automated software applications can help create a more efficient scheduling process. These applications allow office personnel to quickly determine which providers are taking new patients, which insurances a provider may accept, as well as ensure appointments are scheduled in blocks of time rather than haphazardly scheduled throughout a provider’s day. By providing office staff with all the information they need, they can match patients with the necessary provider, process insurance information, and fill a provider’s schedule in an organized manner.

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