Computer Support Specialists Expected to Be IN the Budget This Year

Computer Support Specialists Expected to Be IN the Budget This Year
Man and woman with computer, smiling during a telephone conversation. They work with headset in a call center.

The thought of hiring computer support specialists might sound like someone working in-house in your company where availability is only limited to work days. Unfortunately, computer problems seem to always happen at the worst possible times when your IT crew isn’t available.

What happens if a problem arises when you’re working overtime on a project on a weekend, or even a holiday?

It’s better to have a network technician working internally or available on call whenever you need them. Have you thought about including network management in your budget for this year after neglecting it for far too long?

A new poll from Forrester recently showed that 40% of companies polled are placing network management into their budget through 2015.

This shouldn’t surprise you when you see how vulnerable networks now are in wake of what we’ve seen happening around the country. The Sony Pictures hack alone shows how a network is easily brought down to a point of crippling the ability to access any data.

On the other end of the spectrum is hacking on network lines without companies even realizing it’s happening. With so much of this happening unknowingly around the world, the danger exists of company data or even trade secrets being stolen. With proper monitoring, however, and technical assistance available at all times, this doesn’t have to happen.

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