Long Island NY Computer Support Specialists Give No-Cost Data Security Tips

Long Island NY Computer Support Specialists Give No-Cost Data Security Tips

One of the most important components of your business is its information. The customer contacts, financial transactions, and supplier contracts that form this important data are under constant threat from hackers and malware.

You already protect this information through sophisticated and expensive security software. Improve your safeguards using these no-cost physical data security tips.

These tips are brought to you by AE Technology Group, a Long Island, NY Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Watch where your displays are facing

Your computer screens can show such confidential information as customer credit card numbers, employee Social Security numbers, and products in development. If these displays face a window, then passersby can easily observe what is being entered either from the sidewalk outside or from the next building with binoculars. If these screens face a public corridor, then office visitors can also view the data. Position your displays so only the person using them can view what’s being entered.

Don’t log into public WiFi

You like to keep in touch with work even on your breaks. You also want to save money by using public WiFi on public transportation or coffeehouses. The problem is what you enter on these unsecured networks can easily be collected by hackers who don’t even have to be visible to you. Avoid such theft by not using any websites that require logins, such as your personal email account or the company database.

Secure old equipment

You like to buy the latest technology for your employees and yourself because it makes work more efficient. But what happens to the old smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other data access devices that you no longer use? Do you just put them in a drawer or desktop where anyone can steal them to glean what’s on their hard drives? Always put unused devices in a locked cabinet inside a locked room to which only you and a key employee have access. Schedule regular wipes of the memories of such machines before donating them to worthy causes.

If you want more information on how to improve your data security or if you have any issues with your systems, please contact AE Technology Group, your Long Island computer network support specialists.

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