Looking for a MSP? How to Assess the Interview

Looking for a MSP? How to Assess the Interview

There comes a time when every small business needs to find a reliable technology partner that offers outstanding service and support. Having a knowledgeable managed service provider means small businesses can stay focused on their own tasks, while essential computer equipment and software, quietly and dependably supports them in the background.

When deciding which MSP company to partner with, there are some key factors that small businesses should always evaluate during the interview process.

A Good First Impression 

In many respects, conducting interviews to find a qualified MSP is much like the interview process for hiring an employee. And of course, first impressions do matter. If a MSP representative is late for a person-to-person meeting, or if inquiries to the managed service provider are continually routed to someone’s voicemail, chances are your business will likely receive the same (lack of) real service after the deal is solidified through a contract. 

When interacting with the MSP rep, do they ask questions to gain more information about your business? Do they provide thoughtful answers to questions you pose to them? Do they tend to talk “over your head” with technical jargon that is not meaningful to you? Bottom line, if a business doesn’t feel comfortable with conversations held during the interview process, it’s probably an omen of what is to come with the first support call.

The Question and Answer Period

When interviewing a prospective MSP, it’s important to determine whether they understand, or at least are willing to learn, about the special requirements of your business. Does your industry have to follow certain regulatory or governmental mandates that affect your technology needs? Is there certain software your company must use (and therefore the MSP must support) for your particular industry? 

Does the MSP rep ask about your company’s mission statement, the overall goals and values of your business? In other words, are they willing to adjust their MSP to fit your company, or is your business expected to fit within what they are willing to offer?

Trust, But Verify

Lastly, if you think you’ve found the ideal MSP for your business, it’s still very important to ask for and check references. Checking references is a good way to learn whether the prospective MSP is simply very good at promoting their own business during the interview process, or whether they really do deliver for their clients.

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