Protect Equipment From Power Interruptions – Computer Tip of the Day

Protect Equipment From Power Interruptions - Computer Tip of the Day

Computer equipment has become so commonplace in our society that sometimes we forget they are still vulnerable to electrical power spikes, brownouts and power interruptions.  It is just too easy to plug in our laptops or PCs directly into an electrical outlet and assume that no harm will ever occur.

For an individual, losing their computer equipment to an electrical power spike is definitely unpleasant, but for a business that relies on their computer equipment every minute of the day in order to perform work-related tasks, losing devices to electrical issues can be very costly, both in terms of lost productivity and physical property.

Every technology device used in your business should be protected through the use of a uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit.  UPS units come in a range of sizes, with smaller units providing protection for one computer device, all the way up to large units that can protect multiple devices or even an entire office.  UPS units protect your valuable computer equipment by providing a steady level of electricity; filtering out any dips or spikes in the current coming into your establishment.

During a brownout, a UPS unit can provide a smooth transition over to your backup generator or during a complete power outage, a UPS unit with a backup power supply allows users to gracefully save essential data and exit normally from applications before powering off their computer.  When power is restored, a business using UPS units simply powers back up their equipment and returns to the task at hand.

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