The Many Benefits of UK Based Web Hosting

The Many Benefits of UK Based Web Hosting

Not every web host is created equal. If your website really matters to you, so does your choice of web host.

Management tools, accessibility, security, and speed are all areas that have a huge impact on your day-to-day efficiency, and moreover, your visitors’ impression of you. Therefore selecting a web host in the UK is an important investment for any self-respecting business plan to ensure you can grow your company.

When considering web hosting in the UK for your business, you will find that UK based web hosting has many advantages. A key benefit to hosting your website in the UK is that your site will have more preference on local searches compared to websites hosted outside the UK. This is great advantage if you mainly target a local area within the UK and gives you an advantage over competitors hosted outside the UK.

An additional benefit of using web hosting in the UK is the fact that your website will load faster for your visitors since the servers hosting your website will be geographically closer to your visitors meaning that the response time between the client computer and the server will be greatly reduced. Again if you are targeting customers in the UK you will benefit from web hosting in the UK, for this very reason.

Typically if a visitor can’t access a page within 3 seconds they are likely to become frustrated and leave your site. When hosting further away the response time between client computers and servers is also going to increase because the data has to travel further, whereas if you were to host in the UK then data won’t have to travel so far. This means that your website will load faster for your UK visitors.

Although web hosting in the UK tends to be slightly more expensive, the overall customer experience is typically better, while servicing will be much faster and easier if there are ever any issues. If this happens you don’t want to have to deal with off-shore call centres and possible language barriers.

Using a UK based host also means you’ll be purchasing a web hosting package in GBP. This way you won’t be affected by exchange rates, whereas this might be the case if you were to purchase a package that was priced in USD.

Another significant advantage to web hosting in the UK is the fact that search engines will rank your website higher for UK search engine listings meaning that your website will appear higher in keyword listings that are related to your website. If you are aiming your website at a UK audience then this will be of benefit to you since it means that you will receive a greater number of hits.

Web hosting in the UK can be very beneficial to businesses. PAC Web Hosting is able to offer a wide variety services ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated server hosting. We support operating systems such as Windows or any Linux distribution of your choice.

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