What Is An MSSP And Why Does Your Business Need One?

What Is An MSSP And Why Does Your Business Need One?

In today’s world, threats to an organization’s data and IT infrastructure are growing at an alarming rate. Both large enterprises and smaller companies have been the targets of phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, and data penetration attempts. What’s more, the level of sophistication demonstrated in these cyber attacks is rising steadily. Many businesses are finding it very difficult to keep up.  That’s where MSSP’s come in. But, what is an MSSP?

Although almost all companies have taken steps to make their IT operations as secure as they can, rarely do smaller organizations have the expert staff required to keep up with the constantly evolving threat. That’s the reason many businesses have turned to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to help them build defenses that can keep their IT systems and their data secure.

What is An MSSP?

MSSPs are security experts that offer outsourced management and monitoring of a company’s security infrastructure. They provide their services either on-site or, most often, remotely through the cloud.

Services MSSPs Provide

A good MSSP will typically provide services like the following:

  • Analyze your present security system to identify potential vulnerabilities, and take required action to minimize such exposures
  • Install and manage a first class authentication regime to ensure that only authorized users gain access to your sensitive data, networks, and computer systems
  • Implement and monitor intrusion detection systems and firewalls on a 24/7 basis
  • Analyze collected event monitoring data to identify possible intrusion attempts
  • Monitor network traffic to detect anomalies that might reveal a new or evolved threat signature
  • Rapidly and effectively respond when threats are identified

For SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses), a first-class MSSP can function as a seamless extension of their own IT staff. This provides the company with a level of expertise in identifying, preventing, and responding to sophisticated security threats that it can rarely achieve on its own. Plus, it releases the company’s own IT workers to concentrate on initiatives that are more directly tied to producing revenue for the business.

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